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Welcome Home, Kitty.

shy cat
Photo by Paolo Margari

This kitty has been looking for a place to stay. However, it seems like, eventually, it has found it! These photos source is the daily mail.

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Police Cars Photos, More!


Photo By: Mazda6

Once again, we have got some new police cars, some of them are Dutch and the others are Arab. Also, we have already posted some police cars in the past. Enjoy the photos!
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The Google Chrome Cake From Google!

Google Chrome Cake

With more than 19 cafes spread around the campus, Google serves food for its employees for free. They don’t have to pay a penny for it. The budget of food is nearly $72 million/year and there are about 9,600 employees in Mountain View and at the offices on Ninth Avenue, New York City who are absolutely enjoying their meals everyday. Here is a set of photos showing Googelers enjoying the Chrome Cakes. If you liked the Google Chrome Cake, you can check this post out which is about how to make your own delicious cake.
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Traffic Lights? No, They Waste Gas!

Traffic Light
Photo by Photos-by-Richard

We have got an incredible video about driving in India, it seems that people got used to drive with no traffic lights. It just seems to be too risky.

If You Do This, I Hate You!

car parking fail

Seriously, one of the things that bothers me the most is seeing a parked car like that, specially if there is no other place to park my car. The other day I wrote a paper telling the car’s driver what a stupid thing he has done, and stuck it on the windshield on the car!