• Al-Waleed bin Talal daugther’s palace [Photos]

    here are some photos of Rym’s Palace, the daughter of the milliardaire Al-Waleed bin Talal one of the most rich people in the world who loved his daughter alot

    Lucky girl huh ?

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    • http://www.soccerlike.com/ TAT

      Yup, this princess is so lucky, while others still thinking about work,work and work she can easily think where to have fun..she so damn lucky…

    • tata

      Like living in a funeral mausoleum. Not very cozy. Looks rather icy and cold, like you pull a drawer out the wall and there’s an urn in it. If I were a reporter interviewing this girl, I’d be asking here, “Yes, but where do you REALLY live?”

    • amanda

      The outside looks nice, but the indoor decor looks terrible… Classic “I’m so rich I dont need to have style”.

    • http://obbop.wordpress.com/ Obbop

      Where there is love, caring and concern and a lack of strife then one is likely to find true happiness, even if the dwelling is a mere shanty.

      Of course, indoor plumbing and clean running water is a definite plus.

    • Some Dood

      This place is SO incredibly over-decorated, it would HAVE to be owned by Arabs.

    • Mack

      I can feel it, Dave. I can feel it.

    • Some Other Dood

      Some Dood: not necessarily. It’s tasteless enough for Donald Trump, I reckon.

    • http://www.mydigitallife.co.za/aksn1p3r AK

      Is she hot? It’s time for a more futuristic design either way. What beautiful, yet old-fashioned furniture.

    • Craig

      Wonder if she’s happy?

    • sam

      I can’t see anything in these photos that indicates that this girl has been lucky… Surrounded by fake antique french shite.. Check! Had photos demonstrating her father’s bad taste splashed all over the internet… Check! Could die of cancer the same as anyone else… Check! Her rectum contains the same amount of excrement as anyone else on this planet… Check! Her arsehole fails to smell sweeter than anyone else’s… Check!

      Same old ‘load’s of money’ bollocks!

      Peace – Sam

    • Rick Cain

      Yuk! I prefer contemporary styling. Its a horrible mix of greek corinthian, Louis XIV, and gothic. A designers nightmare, complete with excessive use of white.

    • paromi

      this pics are from Romania, and its the house of one of the richest romanians Gigi Becali.

    • Some Other Dood again

      Apparently, this is actually in Bel Air: http://www.snopes.com/photos/architecture/mugabe.asp

    • frank

      I sense jealousy. yea some of us are lucky, some are not, but we all can live a happy life if we want/try

    • Al Bannah

      All praise to be ALLAH. This is Allah’s Gift

    • jbboy

      we all gonna die the whole world need to know the level of exploitations of these upperclass men.what is the source of these luxury where and how?this is the real product of exploitation of man by man.

    • ADIL

      it is for your daughter and every one spend on his own childerns as he can what you have for us r u m me with u r g

    • Margot

      She is lucky to have such a good father not because he is reech but because he loves her a lot and he cares about her and about her future.he is realy a very good father that very rare to find.

    • serah

      Shes been blessed with great blessings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!MASHALLAH

    • vincent

      jealousy is so high in the air and i wonder why? be happy for those who have and those who do not. we all can’t be the same that’s the reality of life.

    • usman

      i just says MASHALLAH

    • usman

      i prey for waleed and 4 his childrens may live lon in this world

    • Observer

      I have received these pictures twice in my email. Once as the pics of Benazir’s house and the scond time as pics of Nawaz Sharif’s House :)

    • SARAH

      help Cario

    • kidun

      wat a nice place same like mineee

    • muslim girl

      well having lots of money is not a lucky thing.shame on all these muslims who have lots of money but they are just wasting it in fussy things..while in many parts of the world many people dies because of hunger..this money is just a trial for them..Alah has given them to check what they will do with it..before i did proud on ksa being a muslim but now not any more.where the saudi youth is going..like others muslim ummah just in darkness..their wearing,thinking and everything is western.just the name is muslim..pakistan is a poor country but masahalah it,s a atomic power..why all other muslims are sleeping?just a luxuries life is not enough..i hope one day they will regret for their doings but that will be too late..

    • muslim girl

      was this the teachings of our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.he spent ön poors and never desires for such luxury.if he wanted alah could give him all the wealth of this world but he (saw) knows that hereafter is better than here..

    • ali syed

      i dont like this, and i request u to help poor people in islam shukran jazakallah khair.

    • naveed

      this is bollywood super star shaharukh khan house.

    • http://mjicapt_c@yahoo.in M.Jalil

      Does she stay there?
      Does such a place or Palace guarantee Good Night sleep?
      Take any guess!May be yes may be No.
      Any ways, This is just one way of showing off Royal Glitter.

    • naveed

      This is Shahrukhs house :P

    • mazni

      so rich!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Al fouzan sayyed

      he should be my father………