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Digg Nabs Federated Media’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chas Edwards

High profile advertising network Federated Media’s Chief Revenue Officer Chas Edwards has resigned, we’ve confirmed, and will shortly be taking a job at Digg with the same title. Thomas Shin, who Digg stole from Yahoo earlier this year, will report to Edwards.
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Omniture Launches Facebook Application Analytics for Brands

Chances are that if your brand has a Facebook application or two, you’d like to know how it’s performing, get better insight into active users, and ascertain how its performance correlates to your site traffic and overall online presence. Hoping to make that a reality is the web analytics solution provider, Ominture, which is announcing today that their SiteCatalyst product, previously updated to support Twitter analytics, will now include an App Measurement for Facebook tool.
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Bing! Microsoft Prepares For War With A Revamped Search Engine

Today, Microsoft publicly unveiled its soon-to-launch search engine Bing. It will become available over the next few days, and be fully launched by June 3. On the surface, Bing has a distinct gloss. The home page features a rotation of stunning photography, for instance, which can be clicked on to produce related image search results. But the most significant changes are under the covers. “We have taken the algorithmic programming up an order of magnitude,” says Microsoft senior vice president Yusuf Mehdi. Each search result page is customized according to what type of search you do (health, travel, shopping, news, sports). The algorithms determine not only the order of results on the page, but the layout of the page itself, concluding what sections appear. These sections can include anything from guided refinements and a list of related searches in the left-hand pane to images, videos, and local results.
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Google Reader widget brings RSS to the desktop

Users of Google’s Desktop software have a new first party widget to play with. This one lets you use most of Google Reader‘s features without having to fire up your browser. It puts Google Reader’s source list in your sidebar where you can peruse feeds you’re subscribed to and read individual stories in a small pop-up window that slides out across your screen.

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Security firm warns of Java flaw in Mac OS X

Macintosh security consulting firm on Tuesday issued a critical warning for what it says is an unpatched Java security vulnerability in Apple’s Mac OS X.
According to the man credited with discovering it, Landon Fuller, the Java flaw even affects the latest version of Mac OS X, 10.5.7, released just a week ago. Fuller has gone so far as to release a proof of concept for the security hole.
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