• Pregnant Anaconda Killed by Villagers, How Sad?


    Here is a set of photos showing an killed pregnant Anaconda! The question here is, why was it killed in the first place? Actually, there could be many answers for it. It might have been causing problems in the region. However, some people might find this wrong, they believe that Anacondas should not be killed at all. Tell us your opinion in the comment section.










    Don’t count them, there are 70 little Anacondas!

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    • abdi

      it was great that snake was killed it could be problem in the village if the snake gave off the baby

    • Piya

      very sad…but on the other hand its the safety of the villagers.

    • http://google dazlin

      i dont think it was good to kill the snake unless it was that harmful to the villagers……….as a matter of fact it shouldnt have been killed even though it was that large and the largest of all………..

    • http://c77c.net katie

      how brudial are thes poepol so mean i love animals even poisanis animals they are MEAN

    • tess

      I do not get why you kill that animals ok it kill the chicken but it did not deseved

    • tess

      it was not right to kill to animals i under stand but please do not kill them let this be a waning

      do not kill them

    • sparkle

      this is sad i love snakes and to see a anaconda in millions of bits makes me sad and to keep searching for snakes.

    • Shocking

      I can’t believe some people value the life of a snake over that of a human. Of course they are smiling in these pictures! They have just destoyed an animal that threatens their very lives. They didn’t eradicate the species! These pics were not taken in America where this is someone’s pet! Reality, people! Look into it!

    • Shocking

      A snake that size could easily dine on a toddler. And although it probably could go more than a year without eating, it wouldn’t choose to. A pregnant anaconda would eat at least twice a month.

    • Dubya Bush

      Let me get this straight. Its wrong to kill a pregnant snake but okay for a pregnant snake to potentially kill a child? While we’re at it can someone kill the snakes in Washington DC?

    • adam

      How could it possibly have been pregnant? It’s a SNAKE, snakes are REPTILES, and reptiles LAY EGGS!!! Pregnant snake doesn’t compute.

    • adam

      It’s mind boggling how poorly people can spell in this world. Katie, the proper spellings are brutal, people and poisonous, not “brudial”,”poepol” and “poisanis”. It’s not rocket science folks. And anyway, anacondas are not poisonous, they’re constrictors – they wrap themselves around their prey and crush it to death, then eat it.

    • lovelymika

      we don t need snakes on this world.they are dangerous. i hate the snakes it s the animal of the devil…

    • lynn

      go ahead and keep deforestation and killing beautiful giants, your only uprooting your own civilization, literally, and you have NOTHING left of your culture, take a step back and look at what you’ve done to yourselves. It’s pitiful and you feel nothing but self loathing as you should.

    • tess

      you people have no clue how in porten snake are

    • Indra

      It´s wrong…they have the right to live even being snakes. even eating a human. If we can eat animals why they can´t eat us? This pictures were horrible.

    • “D”

      I hate to see things killed. however, scorpions are indigenous in my country and particularly in my community. I could move but I might live somewhere else where crocodiles will snack on one of my limbs as they often come out into some communities once in a while (This happens sometimes in parts of florida, used to live there by the way so I know). Where I live I must kill scorpions if I see them in my house, otherwise the next time, I wont see them but they will see me; if you know what I mean. I thank Molly for the facts and Garry for making mileage of it. Conversely, My dis-belief in killing animals is only on condition. I believe that only a dumb person would not protect themself when in danger of any sort so if that anaconda came near me casa, I would destroy him in less than 0.000000001 nano secs. To all environmentalists and snake lovers out there, people like me would like a live demonstration of how we should deal with the situation if an anaconda visited our happy little homes. of course for unbelieving people like us, seeing is believing. To all who support the people in that village, when you hear the crush, you know what to do. Peace out.

    • EDWIN

      First of all killing the snake without a reason was genuine reason was wrong but still we also can’t overrule the fact that this is an untamed animal and the dangers that lie with it are pretty obvious to many.

    • premjith paul

      realy it is very cruel…pls stop killing animals.

    • Tomasz

      Well it killed.

    • http://facebook rahulsharma

      yeh hai chote anaconda

    • FrejmarianDuckMaster

      you people are the problem with modern society because you see how people who are born with downs syndrome and autism get it off easy and your subconsciousness programmed you to act like there so you can skirt through life and all you are doing by posting on here is proving it’s so horrible that some people killed a snake and prevented it from make 70 other snakes that would go and destroy there livelihood

    • http://gmail.com suresh

      anacondas should not be killed of course

    • http://gmail.com suresh

      I am a post graduate in zoology. As far as my point of view is concerned,creature created by the nature must not be killed, unless the force of natural selection operates

    • muchomeecho

      I am a snake lover but I know that something like that among people poses a threat, no doubt. If they were able to eat the snake meat, all the better. I hate to see such a magnificent creature meet such an undignified end but those children could have easily been killed by something like this and I can’t think of any livestock that wouldn’t be a considered a pray item of an anaconda, that thing could kill a horse. Anaconda’s may not be particularly aggressive or venomous but it will hunt and kill, mercilessly.

    • prashanth

      We all no that anaconda’s will create problem’s to human beings …
      But killing a pregnant anaconda does not make sense…

    • ranju

      bloody people, i think they are more dangerous than that little creatures, if someone kill their pregnant wife then they wil know the value of all living creatures for sure. Every person must be kind to all animals, if one is not they are not fit to live in this beautiful world

    • Mike

      People relax……the snake symbolizes the devil…..kill it when u have the chance


      U guys, Im just a kid, and even I know that anacondas r inncocent. They are just animals struggling for survival, while we have everything we want! People kill millions of animals each year FOR FUN. The people could’ve just locked their doors in the night, and they’re safe. SERIOSLY, IM JUST 11 YEARS OLD!!!! So, people should not kill animals for fun. If that anaconda wasn’t killed, their lives wuld still be the same. One dog could be a meal for months for an anaconda, so think about it!!!!!

      • Katelynn

        no where they live there doors dont close and anacondas dont feed on something for months

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    • Random

      I don’t feel bad, however this anaconda wasn’t probably pregnant. They eat snakes as well….and people too. Snakes don’t see good and bad!

    • Queenliisa

      First, this village did not go out ‘hunting’ a pregnant anaconda. It is not uncommon to consume snake meat as part of their diet, let alone use the skin for wares. To them this was a very normal thing to do, they went hunting for food and found a big snake, albeit a pregnant one. Secondly, a pregnant anaconda will feed on a capy- pig, or goat, or several of the males who tried to mate with her before going off to gestate. There are NO snakes that can last YEARS off any meal. They can last over a year but only if in a stasis mode. Thirdly yes, you can close your doors, if you have one. Where these villagers live there is a large gap at the bottom of the door, or your door is made of woven fibers, or a cloth, ‘closing your door’ really doesn’t work. Before freaking out about how some one is doing something, try doing some research, about the area where they live, the conditions they live in, what their survival pattern is. It does make a difference.

    • Evie

      So your saying the 20 odd mini anacondas that are all exactly the same size and breed were ones she ate? unlikely, plus the fact if she ate them they would be in her stomach and unless she ate them all at the same time, some of them would have been half decomposed! oh and the fact it shows in the picture the eggs they came from…

    • Donald

      This is plain bullshit, humans are the the biggest destruction species in earth, snakes plays a major role in soviety, naturally snakes don’t attack humans unless provoked but rather flee but yet here the villagers kill a snake a pregnant snake that is, many animals went extinct bcuz of us and here we still kills, or an if I was there I would not kiLled, I don’t kill tings bcuz everything was created for a purpose and to those who agree to kill it, is ppl like you encourage many animals and other life forms to go extinct

    • Donald

      Oh and no animals symbolizes the devil, satan took the form of a snake dat aint say crap, wastnt satan an angel also? So angels symbolises the devil as well? If he did take a form of a dog, would dog symbolizes the devil? Wat about human an further more, humans are more devilish, we kill for fun, kidnapping, robbing, hating, condemning and the list goes on and on, ever sEe these in animals? No, so who more devilish? TSK!! TSK!!

    • Donald

      If it would be a prob l8r on, simply called the zoo or the wildlife ppl, is killing the only ting we blasted humans know abt? We are worst than any animals, watch hw ppl lives an u will see, mothers aborting their own babies every year, family killing an hating family, watch how ppl live an we boast that we hav a higher intellect than animals and yet act worst than animal

    • http://Www.google.com Anastacia

      Wow i tink it wrng bt d anaconda can be harmful to d villagers mostly women and children if keept carelessly

    • http://f hussain

      snakes are very denger

    • Joddy

      An Burmese Python, not an anaconda.It should had been the longest living snake in the world, but accidentally killed by the Chinese workers during constructing new road in forest. The snake was measured in 16 meter length. The living longest snake, 11 meter is kept in Ranggunan Zoo, Jakarta-Indonesia. It was found in Borneo forest, Kalimantan. Longer than any found anaconda in Amazon.
      Some expedition teams still believes there is another giant one exists in central Java Lake Rawa Pening. It is estimated more than 20 meter and heavier than a bus.